Pride and Prescience: Or, a Truth Universally Acknowledged (Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries Series #1)

Pride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged - Carrie Bebris This book was so good. The characters in this book are mostly same than in the Pride and Prejudice, but there is also new characters like Mr. Parrish, rich american who marries Ms. Bingley. Everyone thinks Mr. Parrish is charming and a gentleman, but in the end, he is something very different that everyone thought. There is also Mr. Randolph, american archeologist, who is Mr. Parrish's friend.This book is about the few first weeks of Elizabeth and Darcy's marriage. They are planning to go to Pemberley right after the marriage, but always happens something which postpones their leaving. New Mrs. Parrish (Ms. Bingley) is in big role in this book. She changes right after the marriage and the others starts to even believe that she is capable to murder members of her family.The book is really exciting; Mr. and Mrs. Bingley almost die two times, also Elizabeth is about to die and there happens a murder at Netherfield. This book was easy and fast to read and I really enjoyed it!