The Girls - Tucker Shaw, Clare Boothe Luce Girls, a novel by Tucker Shaw, is a modern retelling of Claire Boothe Luce's classic play The Women. The original play did not feature any males in the cast and neither does the book. Males are important part of the plot but there is no visible dialog/scenes with males.Meet Peggy. A culinary genious from Denver. A girl who attends preppy boarding school at Aspen, Colorado. Meet Mary, Peggy's best friend. A girl who has just learned that her boyfriend Stephen is cheating on her. Meet Amber, a girl with all the gossip. Meet Sylvia, always so glamorous girl who has a secret. Meet Crystal, an older girl who is hooking up with Mary's boyfriend.The narrator of the story, Peggy, tells what happens at Aspen during the first week of the new semester. The air is full of lies, jealousy and misunderstandings and towards the end of the book all of the girls notice who are their real friends and how small the world really is.I really liked this book but one thing I missed was guys. I kept hoping that some point Peggy would meet a perfect guy for her or something. The thing I really liked were the recipes at the end of the book. I really must try Peggy's double butter double cheese grilled sandwiches.