The Big Love

The Big Love - Sarah Dunn Alison is looking for the big love. She thought she has found it but when her boyfriend for several years leaves her during the dinner party, she has to start to consider things from different angles.Eventually Alison starts to think that does the real love, the big love, even exists. And if it does, how can you find it?The are many new, unfamiliar things Alison goes through while she is searching for the big love. She has an affair with her boss, she has sex after the first date, she feels herself betrayed, she forgives a thing she never thought she could forget and she realizes that she herself has to find the answers to her questions.I enjoyed this book but somehow I just felt that something was missing. I liked Alison as a character; she is a little silly but still very smart, she is independent and strong and funny. I think that the thing I missed the most was the absense of a gorgeous, amazing hero. I also look for those in books. But all in all, this was a funny, light read and it made me laugh a lot, which is a good thing, especially during the dark and rainy fall days.