Secret Schemes and Daring Dreams (Jane Austen in 21st Century)

Secret Schemes and Daring Dreams - Rosie Rushton This is the 3rd book I read by Rosie Rushton and I must say that it wasn't be best from those three books. Emma does not belong to my favorite Austen novels but there are some elements I really like about Emma, like Mr. Knightley. ;) When reading Austen's Emma I like Emma as character even though she is a little snob and knows that she is above the other people. While reading this book Emma made me really annoyed because at some parts she was a total bitch.While reading this book you get to know Jane Austen's Emma's characters on 21st century. Mr Woodhouse is ex-rock star who tries to save the world by using and advertising green products and living green lifestyle. Ms. Bates is called Lily Bates, a way too talkative girl who sees Emma as "goddess". Jane Fairfax is Jake Fairfax, Lily's rockstar cousin who shares a secret with Freddie Churchill (Frank Churchill). Theo Elton (Mr. Elton) is a medical student who has a secret crush on Emma. The story pattern is the same as in Emma but with a 21st century twist.Mr Knightley is so gorgeous in Jane Austen's Emma. While reading this book I kept waiting and waiting to see the gorgeous Knightley but someway I feel like he wasn't there, all the other characters were so visible and he was just somewhere at the background.I think that Rosie Rushton's books are great for teens who want to get to know Jane Austen but who are not ready to read the actual novels. This book along with the other "Austen books" is fast to read. For you, who has already read Emma by Austen, this is a nice, 21st century perspective to the story with a teenager heroine.