Heart on My Sleeve

Heart on My Sleeve - Ellen Wittlinger It was extremely interesting to read this book! The whole story is told via emails, IMs, letters, notes and postcards. This book really made me want to send a letter to someone, too bad I did not figure out for who.Chloe is an aspiring musician who loves folk music. On her weekend trip to her new college she meets Julian, a little shy but nice guy with an amazing voice. After their weekend together Julian and Chloe start up an relationship by emailing and sending letters to each other. Through this letters the reader gets to know details about Julian and Chloe; you get to know about their families, friends, siblings etc. The whole story is built around Julian and Chloe and by them other characters come into the picture. Both of the individuals, Julian and Chloe have problems in their own lifes and through their messages you get the feeling that they believe that when the college starts and they can be together, they are able to forget all these previous problems and start a new life.Even though through the letters, emails etc. Chloe and Julian get to know each other they notice in the end that they really do not know each other since there are so many things you cannot see via emails and letters. As the first day of college gets closer, Chloe and Julian get more distant and they both realize that maybe they are not that in love they believed they were.It was really interesting to read how the relationship between Julian and Chloe develops. Julian and Chloe both send emails to their friends and sister's as well and this gives more insight to the story.This was the first book like this I'd ever read. I just got 'The Year of Secret Assigments' by Jaclyn Moriarty from the library and it seems to be a story told by email etc. also. So I am really looking forward to reading it.As I final word I want to say that even though I really enjoyed this book I felt that I had some difficulties in reading it. The letters in the book were written with black ink to gray paper and it was pretty hard to make sense of the words written. Also some slang words were used, especially on the IMs and I had to look for some words I did not know previously. So this book is not the best for the ones that have to wear glasses and who still do not see well (like me) and for the ones who do not know the computer slang words. :D