Starting Over

Starting Over - Sue Moorcroft I had not been reading chick lit for a long time, so I was very happy when I received this one for review from the Choclit Publishing. Along with this I received Sue Moorcroft's second novel published by Choclit, which will be review a little bit later. Tess has been dumped by her fiance Olly just a couple of days before their wedding. Which makes the situation even worse is the fact that Olly dumped her through e-mail. Yes, you read right, through e-mail. After the break up Tess miscarriages Olly's child and gets really sick. After getting better she knows that she has to find a totally new environment where she can heal the wounds Olly has created. A little cottage at the countryside of England seems like the perfect place for her to get better and just to spend time by herself.On her way to her new home Tess crashes her car and meets Miles Rattenbury, Ratty. His arrogance and meaness makes Tess dislike him instantly. When Tess gets familiar with Angel and meets her husband Pete, she notices that if she is going to be friends with Angel, she has to get along with Ratty too. The new friends, Angel's and Pete's gorgeous children and the developing friendship with Ratty make Tess fell better and for a while, she is able to forget her problems.Suddenly Olly appears to the little English village Tess has run away by bringing new problems to Tess's life. The relationship with Ratty keeps developing into something deeper until people and secrets from Ratty's past come into the picture. Is Tess able to love Ratty despite these secrets? Is their love strong enough to go through the obstacles of their way?All and all, Starting Over is a very niece chick lit with interesting characters. It is the perfect read for hot summer days at beach or pool or for the cold winter days in front of fireplace. It will make you laugh and cry. You will fall in love with the English countryside, with Angel's and Pete's gorgeous kids and with dark and handsome Ratty who is ready to anything in order to make Tess love him.