Love Letters of Great Men and Women

Love Letters of Great Men and Women - Doyle Ed Ursula First of all, I just want to note that this book does not include love letters by Jane Austen even though the description says so. But even though I always love some Austen, this book was pretty good without it. Since I watched the Sex and the City movie I've been wanting to buy one of those love letter books there are in the bookstores. When I was hanging around at the Waterstone's at London I found this one and had to buy it since it looked so good. And I am happy I did since this was delightful, a lot different read. I don't really read that much of nonfiction and I think this was actually the first letter book I've ever read. The fact that these letters were actually written by someone is amazing. Some of the letters are so full of emotion, especially love. I just wish I could receive letters like the letters in this book. My favorites were the letters by John Keats, Lord Byron and Amadeus Mozart. From my favorites it is evident that I enjoyed more that part with letters from men to women even though the both parts of the book were good.If you are looking for a light non-fiction read, this book is a perfect pick for you. And I never thought reading old letters could be that interesting. I have this book called "800 years of women's letters" or something like that in my bookshelf and I think I will pick it up soon. And I also have Jane Austen's collected letters which I haven't read yet. I know there are many different collections of love letters at bookstores and since I haven't read any other ones I cannot compare this to anything. But I think that the variety of the type of letters and the variety of writers made this an interesting read.