My Invented Life

My Invented Life - Lauren Bjorkman The description of this book sounds so good. So why did not I like it? I was so excited to read this one, I kept it to be the last one I read from the 3 books I received from Lenore. I really thought that this one would be the best of those three books. But no. I was extremely disappointed with this book. I read it for about 1 month, always putting it back to the shelf and picking up another book. It was just so hard to finish this one.The reader is introduced to Roz and Eva, sisters who apparently were close before. Now Eva has started to hang around with cheerleaders and Roz's best friend has moved to other city. Eva has a boyfriend call Bryan, who has also catched Roz's attention. It is not the first time that Roz is in love with someone who goes out with Eva. She has dated at least two previous boyfriends of Eva.Roz starts to think that Eva is a lesbian when she finds a book telling a story of two girls falling in love from Eva's room. Roz becomes really curious since she sees that if Eva is lesbian, she herself can start to go out with Bryan. But Eva denies everything and Roz decided to tell everyone that she herself is lesbian to show for Eva that it is okay to be different. What I really disliked about this book was this whole "lets pretend I am a lesbian" thing. No one really believes that Roz is lesbian but she just keeps "acting" that role and it gets really annoying. She really does not know what she wants which makes this book an annoying read. Her thoughts just jump from one to another and it is hard to follow what happens in the story.I normally like a story in which I can identify with at least a little with one of the main characters. While reading this book it was extremely hard, even impossible to do. Roz tries to be funny, but is not, and Eva is just this angsty teen who spends most of her time locked in her room. Both of the sisters don't know what they want to be and they search themselves by all weird ways.The thing is that I really wanted to like this book. I stopped reading it for a while in the hopes that I would like it when I go back to it. But no, I want to be honest with my opinion and say that I really did not enjoy this one at all. But if you have this in your shelf, you should give it a try, maybe you might like it. There were nothing I could identify with in this book and I did not feel any sympathy for the characters of anything, so I really did not get into the story.