Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers First of all, I want to thank Lenore from Presenting Lenore for sending me a copy of this amazing book. Check out her blog to read some awesome reviews. She also writes about blogging and I at least have found those posts very useful for a new blogger like me.I was so happy when this book arrived to my mailbox. I'd read so many reviews of it, all of them praising this book. At goodreads its average is something like 4.4 out of 5 and the description just sounds amazing. Now after reading it I can say that it was all I expected and even more. I feel I want to read it again right now! I haven't felt like this about a book since I read Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Andersen.Regina has been a member of Fearsome Fivesome for years. Being best friend of Anna Morrison has provided her status. She is someone at her school, she is someone others are afraid of. But one night at a party and a scheming jealous girl can chance everything.After a one night at party Regina becomes the most hated person at Hallowell High. Even people she do not know, people she has never talked to, hate her. Anna, her ex-best friend and Kara, a girl who has always been on Regina's shadow, want to make Regina's life a living hell. Rumors about Regina and Anna's boyfriend Donnie move around the school . Regina and Kara are the only ones who really know what happened. But like someone is going to believe Regina. And why would Kara tell the truth now when she has taken the place next to Anna, the place that before belonged to Regina?Michael. Regina made his life a living hell by spreading rumors about him. Psycho, killer, wants to kill everyone at Hallowell High. Now as member of outcast, Regina has to find someone to lean on to. But is Michael ready to be that person? Everything starts from the lunch room where Regina has to sit with Michael at the garbage table. After a couple of days they actually start to talk to each other and they find out that they have something they share together. But is Michael ready to forgive Regina after everything she did to him? And is Regina ready to apologize?This book was so amazing, as I already said before. I love the writing style of Courtney Summers and I seriously need to get 'Cracked up to Be' to my hands ASAP. Someway Summers' writing style reminded me of Laurie Halse Andersen. Maybe it is the mix of short and long sentences and the vivid language. I loved the honesty and I could say even violence of this book. It describes the characters honestly and at the end of the book you really love some characters and really feel hatred towards others. This also put me to think about the social hierarchy of high school. I could say that I am a member of the "popular" people at my high school. I am a member of group of six girls and I started to think that maybe for someone we are "fearsome sixsome" or something like that. I can say that we would not be ready for such an extremities like the girls in this book. And I can honestly say that I think that we are not mean, but there can be people who think that we are, I know there are. It is just something I am so used to, being part of the group and gossiping about others. It is always great to live in the belief that they won't never know. But that hardly never happens. This book in that sense opened my eyes that I got to know how it feels to be the outsider, how it feels to be kicked out of a group you have belonged for a long time and one day your old friends just ignore you. But I don't want everyone to think that I am a same kind of "bitch" that the girls in this book, because I am not.I really was able to identify with Michael. He had lost his mother a couple of years ago and that caused Regina and others to spread rumors about him. I lost my father when I was at 5th grade and even then there were some "mean girls" who spread all these rumors about me and my father even though they did not know the reality of the situation. I was able to identify with Michael also because I was able to feel what he must be going on.I really suggest this book to everyone! There are so many things I could say about this book but I want to leave something to you to figure out!