Before I Fall

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver This book was all I expected it to be and even more.Sam Kingston wakes up on 12th of February, goes to school and believes that it is just a normal Friday night in her life as a popular high school senior; she is invited to party, she gets drunk and makes fun of others. On her way out of the party she gets into a car accident and dies. Next time she awakes it is 12th of February, again. The same thing happens to her 7 mornings in a row. By little changes she can change the course of the day and make a difference in her own and other lifes.Several characters, including Sam, made me dislike them. First Sam is this popular girl who only thinks of herself and her gorgeous friends. She makes fun of others and thinks that people care about her because they are jealous. She has a boyfriend but when she starts to re-live the same day again and again she realizes that she does not know what she is doing with him. Sam also realizes that her friends are not as gorgeous as she believed and she starts to see faults in them. But the thing I liked the most is the fact that Sam realizes that she is not as wonderful as she believed first. She understands that she has made the life of some students a living hell because she has teased and talked bad things about them. Sam also realizes that Kent, a guy who used to be her friend during her childhood, could be the right one for her. But the big guestion is, does she realize all this way too late?I bet this book will be a favorite of many YA readers. I throughly enjoyed it. It made me laugh and it made my cry. The story hooked me and it was extremely hard to put this book down and do something else. I am so happy I got change to read this as a ARC and review it before it hits the stores. The language Oliver uses is beautiful and enchanting and it captures the reader. The characters develop and you learn more and more about them as the story goes on. Before I Fall is about love, friendship, second changes and growth as a person.