Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed  - Emily Giffin When I found this book from the local library and read the back cover, I was sure I would dislike Rachel, because she "steals" her best friends fiance. Me and my best friend Ida has been friends like 14 years now, and I was thinking that I could never do that kind of thing to her.While reading the book my mind changed a lot. First of all, I did not hate Rachel. Someway I felt bad for her. She loves Dex and Dex loves her, but they cannot be together because of Darcy.I also started to dislike Darcy. All the things the book tells about Darcy and Rachel's past make me feel even more worse for Rachel; Darcy has always been the number one on their friendship and she has always got everything Rachel has wanted without any effort.Towards the end of the book things just kinda settle down easily, without any big problems. I did not like that. I wish everything would work that easily in life. :) I really enjoyed this book though and it was pretty fast to read.