Evermore (Immortals Series #1)

Evermore - Alyson Noel Ever has lost her family in a car accident. Her mother, father, little sister Riley and dog Buttercup died. She was the only one who survived. The popular, athletic girl from Oregon changes into a girl who tries to hide herself, a girl who every else sees as a freak. Ever moves to Orange County, California to live with her aunt Sabine. At school she is seen as a freak and her only friends are Haven, a wannabe goth girl who tries to get attention to herself, and Miles, a gay guy, who is like one of the girls. Ever can see people's auras. She can hear what they think. From touching someone, she can see their whole lifestory spread like a movie in front of her eyes. She is able to hear what people are thinking about her, she is able to hear their problems, their secrets. The daily appearances of Riley, Ever's death sister keep her somewhat sane. Everything changes when a new student, Damen Auguste appears. Dames is gorgeous, wealthy, and sometimes it feels like he is from the past times. He catches every girls (and guys) attention and surprisingly, he chooses to hang around with Ever, Haven and Miles. Ever falls in love with Damen even though she tries not to do so. With Damen, Ever feels like a normal girl, she does not hear his thoughts, and his touch feels good. But also Damen has a secret of his own, a secret which changes Ever's life for good.I got this book from the library about 3 or 4 months ago. (There are not that many readers who read YA novels in English, so I pretty much can keep these books forever at home without the library wanting them back). I was not sure was I going to read this one. I have read so mixed reviews about this book; some say it is amazing, some say that it is wasting of your time to read it. I am happy I picked it up since I LOVED IT! Firstly, I of course fell in love with Damen. He is just gorgeous; dark, tall, handsome, mysterious... the list just goes on. What really surprised me was the fact that I liked Ever all the way from the beginning. I normally don't like the female main characters; for example, even though I love the Twilight Saga, I cannot stand Bella, at least not at the beginning. Her personality just makes me go crazy. But because of Edward, I can stand her. Ever, on the other hand, is independent and strong. She has experienced something horrible; she has lost her family and she was the only one to survive. I can somewhat identify with her, I've lost one member of my family, and I know how it feels; you just hope that it could have been you, not the person lost and you just keep punishing yourself about the lost, you keep feeling that it was your fault.This book definitely is one of the best ones I've read this year so far. I really want to read the second book in the series, but the library does not have it. This always happens to me; I want to read some series and the library only has the first book. I recommend this novel for everyone. It is that good! Just read it! You won't regret it.