A Season of Eden

A Season of Eden - Jennifer Laurens Eden is a high school senior with rich but distant father and a bitchy stepmother. She is a popular girl, a dream girl of many guys. She is dating Matt and she hangs around with the coolest kids of the school. She herself is one of them. When she decides to attend concert choir class for easy A, she does not have a clue how this decision changes her life.Mr. Christian. James. He is 22 years old and for the first time, works as a teacher. When he walks into the concert choir class room, he is admired by the girls of the class. Particularly by one of them. As time goes, he builds an attraction towards Eden, his student. From the moment Eden sees Mr. Christian, something changes. She understands that he is a man, not a boy. But she also knows that he is her teacher. But in the name of love, she is ready to do everything to make sure she gets what she wants. She is used of getting what she wants. Eventually Mr. Christian and Eden start to see each other "accidentally". But can a relationship work like this? What will happen to Mr. Christian and Eden? Will someone find out about the feelings that should not be there?I loved this novel. Eden, a girl who is used to have everything she wants, falls in love with a guy she cannot have. Mr. Christian is handsome, talented and kind. He is a great singer and because of his young age, he is able to identify with the class and that way he gets them interested about the music. First, Eden stalks Mr. Christian, follows him home etc. but eventually she learns that it will do nothing for her. When she discovers that Mr. Christian might also have feelings for her, everything changes. I loved the writing style of J.M.Warwick. The reader is engaged and you just have to keep going. This is the second book I read in English about the relationship between teacher and a student; I have read 'Teach Me' by R.A. Nelson a couple of years ago. Even though a relationship between teacher and a student is wrong, there definitely is chemistry between Mr. Christian and Eden. And through the description of Mr. Christian, I think I would fall in love with a guy like him as well.I want to thank Grove Creek Publishing for sending me a review copy of this gorgeous novel.