Frostbite: Vampire Academy #2: Frostbite Bk. 2

Frostbite - Richelle Mead At Frostbite, the reader is sucked to the world of Moroi, Dramphirs and Vampires for the second time. A same clan of characters than in the first book is included with some nice new character additions. A sudden Strigoi attack changes the holiday plans for St. Vladimir's Academy and its students. When one of the royal families offers as five star ski resort for the school to have the holidays at, the students and their families are whisked there with the academy's personal jets. Rose has been used to spend the holidays with Lissa, not with her family. But this year, Janine Hathaway, Rose's kickass Guardian mother joins the party. But is the anything in common with the daughter and the mother? Rose is struggling with her emotions. She cannot get Dimitri out of her mind, but at the same time, Mason, her classmate, is clearly in love with her. Rose tries to stick to the feelings for Dimitri, but when she learns that Dimitri might have his eyes on someone else, she decides that there is someone else she can be with. These is also Adrian, a royal guy with a bad reputation. He is suddenly interested about both Rose and Lissa and they don't know why. Maybe Adrian has something in common with one of them?When three of Rose's school mates run away from the top protected ski resort, Rose and Christian (Lissa's Moroi boyfriend) have to leave the ski resort lands to save their friends. But nothing goes as planned and eventually they notice that they are trapped and there is no way out. Can Rose, an aspiring guardian, save herself and her friends? Richelle Mead captivates the reader with her characters, plot and writing. The readers is sucked into the story. You feel like you know the characters; you fall in love with them, you like them, or you just hate them. I really like Rose as a character because she is independent and she does what she feels like to, but at the same time, she is really responsible towards Lissa, the Moroi she is protecting. I cannot say did I like this one more or less than the first book. They both have been amazing and I can't wait to get to the 3rd book.