Falling for Romeo

Falling for Romeo - Jennifer Laurens John Michaels. Dreamy and handsome. Every girls dream. He is one of the most popular students of his high school. Everyone admires him, and wherever he goes or whatever he does, he catches attention and admiration.Jennifer Vienvu. A pretty girl with a true passion for theater. She is known for her talents at the stage. She is not unpopular, but neither one of the popular kids. For years, she has been the favorite of the demanding direction Chip, but this year, there could be a change to that.John and Jennifer have been casted to play Romeo and Juliet in the school production. It is their senior year, and they want to take everything out from the performance. But Jennifer starts to worry when it is time for rehearsing; she has never been kissed, and now she would have to kiss John Michaels, the guy every girl in the school would love kiss, in front of the whole school plus the parents and other viewers. John and Jennifer has a shared history. They are neighbor's, and years ago, they were also best friends. They used to share everything together, they were inseparable. But when John came popular, their friendship got behind everything. Now, they are united again. And they both have feelings for each other. Can they bear their pride, and tell each other what they feel? I really liked this book. There are some things I would have liked to know more about though; why John became so popular? (Okey, he was talented; he was one of the best members of the track team, he was a student council vice president, and he was just generally hot). But I would have liked to known was there something else behind it. But even without the knowledge of that, the book was an amazing read.John and Jennifer are reading Pride and Prejudice in their class, and I really enjoyed reading the class discussions they had about my favorite book ever. I also liked how the story kind of built up like Pride and Prejudice; both, Jenn and John, are proud and do not want to be the first ones to give their feelings out. I am also a fan of theater and I will be directing my first play this year, so it was interesting to read something about the world of the high school theater. I can't wait to get to work with our school production.This was my first novel read by Jennifer Laurens, but I am definitely looking for more. 'Falling for Romeo' was a positive surprise which I recommend to all readers who love Young Adult fiction.