Linger  - Maggie Stiefvater I adored Shiver and I could not wait to read this book. I knew I would love it as well. And I did. A lot.Sam, once a wolf, now a boy. He is in love with Grace, who has been bitten by a wolf, but she never turned to one. They seem to be the perfect couple, soulmates. But something is happening inside Grace. She gets horrible headaches and she feels like under her skin, there is something or someone who tries to get out. Sam notices it also, especially when he smells the wolf in her. Cole. A rockstar known to everyone. By using drugs, he has been able to hide the reality. But it was not enough. Beck changed him into a wolf, but know it seems that it does not work. Cole does not change to be a wolf even though he would like to. When he meets Isabel, there is something between them, but could it be something Grace and Sam have?The story in Linger is told through 4 different narrators; Sam, Grace, Cole and Isabel. I really liked the fact that Stiefvater decided to use all of these four characters as narrators. It gives more insight to the story and it also makes it more personal, telling the reader more about the feelings and thoughts these characters have. Linger was as good as I expected. Maybe even better. I can't believe we will have to wait to summer 2011 to get to know what happens to Grace and Sam and to Cole and Isabel. To the ones who liked 'Shiver', Linger is a must-read!