Cracked up to Be

Cracked Up to Be - Courtney Summers To begin with, I must say this one along "Some girls are" by Courtney Summers are along the best books I have read this year so far. 'Cracked Up to Be' introduces the reader to Parker Fadley. Things have changed in her life. Previously the cheerleader captain, perfect student and girlfriend of the most popular guy in the school. Now, coming to school drunk and failing classes. But what has happened? What has caused this all?Parker has something on her consience. She thinks that something bad, something extremely bad happened because of her. Parker wants to be alone and not to talk to anyone. All she wants is to graduate and get out of high school... but that plan does not look that probable because of her unrestricted actions in school. When Jake, a new guy, shows interest in Parker, she starts to have problems keeping up her "lonely rider" image. Why not to give a change to Jake? But can Parker be with anyone before she solves her problems? Especially the problem that keeps bugging her day and night.Parker is very interesting character to read about. She has been a perfect student and because of that her life has been busy and very social. After a tragedy at party her world collapses and her whole personality changes. She does not care about being the popular student anymore, she just wants to be left alone. Summers' writing style is one of the best ones I have ever read. She builds tension by foreshadowing things that will be revealed in the book later on. When it comes to Parker's secret, little glimpses of the truth are given throughout the book the final secret revealed all the way at the end. This was one of the books I just couldn't put down. That probably explains the fact that I read this book on one sitting. I recommend Courtney Summers and her novels to everyone who loves Young Adult novels and who are interested to read something so well written that it really, literally, makes me cry.