Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen - Lauren Kate I was thinking for a long time that should I even write a review of this novel. The reading process of it was long (and painful) and I really don't have anything positive to say about it. And the biggest thing is that I really don't even know how to explain why I did not like it. But since I want to be fair and tell my opinion, whether positive or negative, I decided that I should write something about it.When looking at the star average of this novel from Goodreads it is obvious that some people have liked, even loved this novel. When looking at the reviews of some of my goodreads friends I see raving reviews telling how awesome this novel is. I think that is the reason why I bought this book. Now I think this one was a waste of 10 €. But well, at least the cover of the novel is pretty. The pace of this novel is extremely slow, the different events in the boarding school do not attach well together and the events tell nothing about the characters. The characters are very artificial, you really do not learn that much about them. The main character of the novel, Luce (I did not even remember her name anymore without Goodreads) is boring and the reader does not get to know that much about her. I was waiting for some type of description about her and her past throughout the book, but all that I remember of her is the fact that everyone though she is nuts or something because some guy died in the fire or something like that. Cam and Daniel, the love interests are boring and dull. Normally I right away pick the male lover I prefere but while reading this novel I got mixed up with them. Cam is all attentive and stuff when Daniel is waving his middle finger to Luce the first time they meet. And still Luce falls in love with Daniel because she fells like "she knows him". I love paranormal novels, but I think in this one the whole paranormal stuff was on the background or it was not explained well enough. Like I read from some review from Goodreads, this book probably does its thing for some teenager girls. But since I don't think it is all those teenager girls who have given those stars in Goodreads, this book must have something which someone (or a lot of people) find very interesting. I did not find that, of which I am a bit sad about, but like everyone knows, you cannot like everything. This novel did not do its thing for me. All I can say is that I am happy I did not buy the sequel when I saw it in the bookstore!If you liked this novel, please explain me WHY? (: