This Lullaby

This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen I remember seeing this book for the first time during a time when I had no idea what YA states for. It feels such a long time ago, but actually it isn't. I think it was 2007 when my host sister Ale tried to make me read this book, but for some reason I did not do so. I had read "The Truth about forever" by Dessen, I still remember buying it from the clearance section at Books-a-Million, but for some reason I did not get excited about this one after seeing it. And how stupid I then was."This Lullaby" introduces us to Remy who has stopped believing in love. You could think that is is because there are no guys in her life. But it is quite the contrary. Remy has had several boyfriends, I don't think that her fingers and toes would be enough to count them. But it is her mother's several marriages and their failures that has shown her that love is not all that glorious everyone seems to think it is. For years she has been the one planning the weddings and eventually settling the divorces. But now she is over with it. It is the summer after her high school and she is counting the months for her personal freedom= university of Stanford. Everything changes when Remy meets Dexter. She first thinks that he is just one of her normal flings, one that lasts until she feels like ending it. But on many ways, Dexter is different. He is so unlike the "ideal" guy of Remy. He does things that she normally hates, but while she is with him, she is able to ignore those things. When her friends start to talk about love, she gets annoyed. But could what she feels for Dexter be love? Or is she even capable of feeling love? Does love even exist?I really loved this book! Remy was an interesting character to read about because in a way she reminded me of myself. Remy is a control freak and she has totally lost her trust in love. I don't say that I have completely lost my trust in love, I think I have misplaced it (like Remy eventually learns as well) and I just need to find the person who can bring it back to me. My friends always laugh at me because I love romantic movies, books etc. but I am the one who is planning not to get married etc.Dexter is completely adorable, and even though he has many traits I would not at first look, find attractive at all, I would eventually adore a guy like him. He is a bit of a slacker, but also artistic, funny and oh so optimistic. A total opposite of control freak, pessimistic Remy. It is really interesting to read how the chemistry develops between then, and how eventually, they become to be the perfect match, which Remy tries hard to deny. If you are familiar with the other works by Sarah Dessen, you will love this one as well.