Populazzi - Elise Allen Once again, book I only picked up because of its cover. And I thought that this would be a nice light read to add to the more demanding readings needed for my uni course. And I was right about that; Populazzi is definitely a nice, light read, but I promise that it will keep you interested.I really liked Cara at the beginning of the novel. When she met Archer I started to hope that she would leave the whole ladder thing and just spend time with him. But since there were like 250 pages left of the novel, I knew that she would not leave the ladder. To be honest, I did not like Claudia at all as a character. She is basically living through Cara because she herself feels like she cannot get popular anymore at her school. This whole becoming popular thing seems so distant to me. The high school I went to, had like 40 students so the idea of someone climbing the ladder just sounds hilarious. And even though there were certain groupings of people, if needed, we were able to work together. I did a year in American high school, but I think it might have been different for me, because for some reason everyone thought that I was pretty cool, probably because of the fact that I was a foreigner. There were points at the novel in which Cara just wanted to give up. In those points I really hoped that she would. But Claudia was always there, and I did not like the fact that Cara always tended to do what Claudia said. Towards the end of the novel, when Cara's plans do not go as she wanted, I started to see the Cara again I liked at the beginning.And okay, Archer, he sounds like the most awesome guy ever and I just kept waiting for the moment that Cara actually admits that she has feelings for him. Nate sounded like an interesting guy, but I think that as Cara lost her interest, I lost it too. If you do not have all of your holiday reads chosen yet, I recommend Populazzi. It is fun and even though you would not like all of Cara's decisions etc, you want to read more just to know what happens; at least that happened with me.