Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls)

Forever  - Maggie Stiefvater It has been over a year from the time I read 'Linger'. Probably like two years from when I read 'Shiver'. It is actually a shame that it took me such a long time to read 'Forever'. But finally I did it, and as I expected, I loved it! I have to be honest and say that when I got 'Forever' into my hands, I had to think for a long time that what actually happened in 'Shiver' and 'Linger'. Of course I had the basic idea and events imprinted into my mind, but as a reminder I read my own reviews to the previous books to prep myself for reading the final part of the trilogy. 'Forever' starts with the set-up that is completely reverse to what is what in 'Shiver'. Sam is a human, Grace is a wolf. Around the town Sam is accused of kidnapping Grace, even killing her. Grace's parents and friends have no idea where Grace are or is she even alive anymore. Sam knows, Isabel knows and Cole knows. And they keep waiting, especially Sam, to see Grace alive again.Isabel's father, Tom Culpeper is doing everything he can to get rid of the wolfs. Now he has big plans about killing the wolfs on an aerial hunt. When the idea goes through, he just has to wait for the helicopter to be free. Sam, Cole, Isabel and eventually also Grace in a human form have to come up with ideas to save the wolves from the massacre. Cole has been tinkering with different ways to fasten the transformation, but does he have enough time to make it work before it is too late. Sam hasn't been transforming into a wolf, and he likes it, but is he ready to be a wolf again in order to save his peers. In order to save Grace.The aerial hunt is like a bomb, ticking its way closer and closer. Can the group come up with an idea before its too late? Can they make sure that no one is hurt? Who is put first, who is to be saved first? With an unlikely help they try to solve the problems before it's too late.In my opinion, this book was a lot more about action and the love of Grace and Sam. Of course they were parts about their love, but I felt that this was more about solving the problem and getting some type of conclusion to the series. Stiefvater made a right choice to end the series to this; the novel has an ending which satisfies the reader and allows everyone to make their own conclusions. All and all, Stiefvater's trilogy has been a huge delight to read. An ideal situation would be to read all the novels in a row. Maybe some day I actually have time for that.