Getting Over Garrett Delaney

Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald Sadie is unfortunate enough to be in love with her best friend, Garrett. She does not want to make things weird with him, but at the same time she feels like he is her soul mate, the perfect match for her. From the moment Sadie met Garrett, she completely changed her interests and such to meet the ones of Garrett. He is into literature such as Russian classics, art films and philosophy. For two years, Sadie reads what Garrett reads, she watches what Garrett watches and agrees with Garrett's way of life. Unfortunately, she is also the one who hears about Garrett's other girlfriends. But since she is so devoted, she listens to Garrett, lets him share his problems with her. The problems he has with other girls make her feel even more like they are the match made in heaven. For the summer break, Sadie and Garrett both apply for a literature camp, but only Garrett is accepted in. It is Sadie's first summer in two years without Garrett. Sadie sees it as an opportunity; she is sure Garrett will miss her so much that he realizes that he actually loves her. But when Garrett calls her, telling that he has fallen in love at the camp, but not with Sadie, she decides she has to do something. She has to get over Garrett Delaney. With a help of a 12 step program and her new work mates, Sadie is ready to face the biggest challenge of her life so far; getting over a guy she has been in love with for such a long time for a teenager.'Getting Over Garrett Delaney' had a lot more depth I expected it to have. It is a nice, light read, but there are some moments of realizations that really wake you up as well. We all probably have been in love at some point; maybe it wasn't with someone you actually know, but still, I am sure we all know that feeling. We want to change ourselves to fit to the ideal partner mold of the one we are in love with. It would be ideal to fall in love with someone who is like you, but unfortunately that happens quite rarely. So it is easy to understand Sadie. At parts the fact that she so completely agreed with Garrett feels kind of childish, but then I thought about myself as a 17 year old high school student and I realized that I would probably have changed myself for a guy like Garrett.The 12 step program idea the novel has was very interesting and something I have not really seen before. Since I am slightly OCD about certain things, the whole list thing is something that would totally work for me as well. Sadie creates herself rules; not answering his phone calls and messages and rather enjoying the everyday situations and what happens around her. Once Sadie starts to get over Garrett, she starts to notice other guys around her, like the chef at the cafe she works at. Maybe Sadie in the end has a change to love someone else that Garrett, even though it at the beginning of the novel does not seem like that?I really enjoyed reading this novel. It was a fast, sweet read and I would definitely read other novels by the same author, Abby McDonald. It is the perfect read for a girl who is hopelessly in love with someone who never notices her. I so wish I would have had this to read when I was the 17 year old exchange student at Virginia pining for the mysterious senior guy.