Delirium (Delirium Trilogy 1)

Delirium (Delirium #1) - Lauren Oliver I loved 'Before I Fall' by Lauren Oliver, like so many other readers, so I had high expectations towards Delirium. The description sounded interesting, but something totally different that Before I Fall. The whole "society in the future" idea sounded interesting, but not something that I was EXTREMELY curious about. So it took quite a while for me to actually pick up this book for reading. Delirium is set in a society in which people do not feel like. To feel love is seen as weakness. The government of this new society demands that every single citizen when turning 18 gets the cure for deliria, the love that could bloom inside a person. Lena Halloway has been waiting for the day of her cure. She has been waiting for the moment she is fully an adult in the books of the society, the moment she can start living with the companion assigned to her by the government. She has been counting days towards the change. Suddenly everything changes and she starts to tread the day of the procedure. She meets Alex. She falls in love.Alex has not been cured. He lives outside the gates of the society. He introduces Lena to a world she never thought she would face. I really like Lena as a character. She is careful and lives by the rules. She is the complete opposite of her rebellious friend Hana. But when Lena meets Alex, she lets the feelings guide her and does things she never expected she would do. I was able to identify with Lena in the sense that I am very careful and follow the rules to a high extend. I think I am still waiting for my own Alex to get a bit crazy with. I had read from many reviews that even though this novel is great, the beginning of the novel is very slow. I quite liked this fact; Oliver takes time to set the society and its rules to the reader. She has used little additions from different rule books of the society to the beginning of the chapters in order to make the reader familiar with the society and the people that live there. I really liked this, and it shows the huge amount of dedication Oliver has put into this piece of literature; she has taken the responsibility of creating a whole new world for the readers to enter. It is very hard for me to say which I liked better: Before I Fall or Delirium. They are both great books, books that you will want to read. They are in a way so different that it is hard to put them next to each other for comparison. All I can say is that both are must YA reads. I am excited to read Pandemonium, the sequel to Delirium. I will need to look for it when I visit the bookstore next time. Delirium is been made into a movie, Lauren Oliver herself had a post about it on her Goodreads page. I am very curious about this because I see the new Twilight/Hunger Games in the horizon. With the right actors and actresses this thing could be pick.Who in your opinion would be the perfect Lena? What about Alex?