Forget You

Forget You - Jennifer Echols To outside, Zoey's life seems pretty good; she is the captain of the swim team, she is a high school senior, she is going out with Brandon - a totally hot football player. She has friends, she is popular. But deep down things are stirring. Her parents have divorced because her father got his 24 year old employee pregnant. Since the divorce her mother has been a wreck and finally attempts suicide. In order to keep her mother's mental health a secret, she makes sure she keeps up the appearances. But there is someone who knows about what happened to her mom- Doug, hot but mysterious guy from the swimming team who has been on Zoey's back for a while.On a normal Friday night, after the swimming team has crashed a football team's party, Zoey crashes her car. The morning she wakes up she remembers nothing from the time between the football game and the crash. She only remembers that Doug was there, pulling her away from the crash. She has no idea what has happened, but when Doug starts to act very attentively and when Brandon is no where around, Zoey understands she has to start to investigate what really happened. The week after the crash is full of surprises as Zoey starts to hear what really happened. Does she want her life to go back to the moment before the crash, to the moment she does not remember, or does she want to keep up the appearances and pretend that nothing happened. I really enjoyed 'Forget You', even though there were some things that bothered me. To begin with, Zoey seems like a bitch, especially at the beginning of the novel. When you get to know more about her, you realize it is just an act in order to keep up the appearances. Doug, of course is perfect, but I wish there would have been a bit more about this life (the issues with his father etc). But since the story is mainly about Zoey, I completely understood Echols's decision not to include Doug's background to a larger extent. Zoey's friends also seem like airheads, but I liked the fact that this was acknowledged in the novel. The way the relationship between Doug and Zoey is built is done very well. Zoey expects herself to be over the moon with Brandon, but as he is never present and Doug is there all the time, she starts to realize that maybe she is with the wrong guy. But since she does not want to cheat on Brandon, she has some figuring out to do. I liked Zoey's honesty- even though she wants to keep up the appearances, she does not want to be a liar. I think this is something we all should think about.All and all, 'Forget You' was an entertaining, fast read and really made me interested to read other novels by the author. I recommend this novel to everyone who loves YA romance!