Rape Girl

Rape Girl - Alina Klein Rape Girl is vivid, filled with emotion, entertaining and fast to read. It introduces us to Valerie, not particularly a popular girl, but one with friends and some type of social standing. When her mother is away from home, she and her best friend put together a party with very negative consequences. Valerie gets raped by a guy she actually was interested in which means that when Valerie accuses Adam of rape, no one believes her. When Valerie goes back to school, she has lost her social standing, her best friend and it feels like her family is falling apart as well as her mother does not know how to handle the situation. Valerie seems alright, but she is going through so much. When attending a support group for rape victims she feels like she should not be there - there was drugs, beating, violence etc involved in the other cases whereas she was at her own home, her own couch, with a guy she actually knew.Rape Girl is very realistic and it feels like the author really knows what she is talking about when she explains the feelings and the consequences of the rape - at the end of the novel I read from the acknowledgement section that the author herself was raped when she was younger. So maybe in some level, this is also her story, not only Valerie's. As I said, this novel is a fast read, and I myself had to read the whole thing at once because I did not want to keep guessing what happened to Valerie. I wanted her to be happy again, to be able to trust guys and to find love and new friends she can actually count on. Even though the subject matter of the story is very harsh and something no one wants to experience, the story is told beautifully and as it moves forward, the language and the thoughts of Valerie change into more positive ones - there is light at the end of the tunnel.