Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer I don't know does any of you even know that I am a Twilighter. I read all the books before I started blogging, so I haven't reviewed them here even though they belong to my favorite books. While I was ordering my Goodreads I noticed that I did not have reviews for these books, so I decided that I should write them now. Bella Swan moves from hot and sunny Arizona to Washington, to a gray and rainy town of Forks. Bella has lived with her mother, but now she moves to live with her father, Charlie, at least for a while. Everything seems so boring in Forks. It rains, it is cold, and Bella does not know how to act around Charlie. At school she gets attention because she is the new girl. Edward Cullen. One of the Cullen siblings. Bella's new friends tell Bella not to even bother. Edward is mysterious, alluring and handsome and he catches Bella's attention right away. Unfortunately, Edward seems not to care. He does not appear to the classes he has in common with Bella and when he is in the same room with her, it looks like she makes him feel sick.Edward has a secret which he has been trying to hide for a long time. Now, when Bella appears to Forks, it is hard for him to keep his secret. Sooner of later, Bella finds out the try identity of Edward. He is a vampire, he has been one for a long time, but since vampires don't grow old, he has also been 17 for a quite a time. Edward has been waiting for Bella. Bella becomes an addiction to him, he feels that he has to keep her safe. Bella and Edward fall in love, but their love does not go on without problems. There is Edward's family, Cullen's, who also all are vampires. Some of them does not feel comfortable with Bella knowing their secret. There is Victoria and her helpers who cause problems to Cullens and Bella. Can Edward protect Bella? Is their love going to last? Since I read Twilight I fell in love with the Vampire world. But after reading the whole saga I've been trying to read some other vampire books and they've just not felt the same. Twilight Saga is just something special. Normally I would find character like Bella really annoying, but in Twilight, I love her. Edward, he is amazing. There are no words to describe him or how much I love him. I love the whole Cullen family, all the different personalities that you can find from that family. Most importantly, I am able to identify with Bella. She feels like things that common teenagers do, her high school friends, are not for her. I get the feeling that she likes to be on her own. She is maybe a little shy, but at the same time she is ready to say what she thinks, and she is not scared (she is not scared when she learns who Edward really is). She is also extremely clumsy, always falling and hurting herself. (I can identify with that since I always hust myself somehow, my latest injury was when I broke my ankle from two different parts. I was playing frisbee and fell, yes, great success). I love the movies too, but the books are just so much better. In the movies I've been a bit disappointed with Kristen Stewart, I think she looks a bit too annoyed all the time. She should look all happy and stuff when she is with Edward. But Robert Pattinson, he is the perfect choice to play Edward. So what do you think about Twilight? Do you love it? Are you sick of it?