New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer In New Moon, Stephenie Meyer continues the story from the point it was left in Twilight.It is Bella's birthday and Alice throws her a party at the Cullen house. When Bella is opening the presents she gets a papercut from the wrapping paper and she starts to bleed. Jasper, the youngest of the Cullen vampires, cannot resist the smell of blood and she attacks Bella. Luckily, Edward is able to protect Bella. What happens at the party makes Edward think, and he decides that the only thing he can do is to leave. The separation of Bella and Edward is heartbreaking. Edward tries to convience Bella that he does not love her anymore, when in reality Bella is the only one for him, the one he has been waiting for years. Bella falls into a depression when Edward leaves. She notices, that when she tries to hurt herself, she sees Edward. By buying two old motorbikes, Bella's friendship with Jacob Black gets more intense. Jacob promises to fix the bikes, not knowing the real reason why Bella wants to get them fixed. Bella want to do something rebellious, something extreme, in order to see Edward again, in order to hear his voice again. At the same time the friendship with Jacob helps Bella to go on. Suddenly there is a change in Jacob. He does not contact Bella for a long time, and when they see again, he tells Bella that they cannot be friends again. Bella learns, that Jacob either isn't what he looks like. He is a werewolf and now a part of a pact. Suddenly Alice appears back to Forks and tells Bella that Edward is in danger. They travel to Italy and meet with the Volturi, the royal family of vampires. Edward and Bella are safe. But for how long? I want to mention, that New Moon is my least favorite from the four books of the Twilight Saga. I think that is because I really don't like Jacob, and this book is more about Jacob and Bella, especially the beginning. The end of this book with the Volturi is interesting, but the beginning did not make me so excited as for example Twilight as a whole did.