Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky #2)

Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi
After devouring Under the Never Sky, my expectations for this one were extremely high. Like the first novel in the series, I think this one started somewhat slowly, but eventually built into being even better than the Rossi's first novel of the series. It is engaging, filled with both love and adventure, and most importantly, it introduces us more to the characters we fell in love already during the first novel, like Aria and Perry, at the same time giving us new characters to both love and hate. 
"Bodies on the outside wore experiences like souvenirs."
So, at the end of the first book, Aria and Perry had to part their ways - Aria wanted to discover what happened to her mother, whereas Perry had to go back to the Tides. Perry has become the Blood Lord, the leader of the Tides and Aria has been given a mission by someone from the Reverie, her old home. What Aria and Perry share is not only love, but the mission to save Talon, Perry's nephew. 
"No matter what happened, she'd always be the one."
When Aria arrives at the Tides, the fact that she is half dweller, someone from the "inside", is not taken very well. Due to the different gifts some of the people from the Outside have - heightened sight, smell or hearing - it is extremely hard to keep things private. Once Aria's life is in danger, she and Roar, a guy who shares the same gift, being an aud (good hearing) leave the Tides with an attempt to reach not only to reach Liv, Perry's sister and the girl Roar is in love with, but also to learn about Still Blue, the place where the Aether storms do not bother the people and were the sky is clean. 
I love both Perry and Aria. Aria is strong, independent and now that she knows more about the life on the outside, she is also extremely skilled and can take care of herself. Perry is also strong, and a good leader, but I love the fact that he has his faults - he is not sure how to lead the people and what decisions to make. He also has to think about the people he is responsible when trying to develop his relationship with Aria - can he be with someone his people do not accept?
What I really liked about this book was getting to know more about characters like Roar and Cinder. Roar is so funny and charming that at points I felt like I liked him even more than Perry. Cinder still remains somewhat of a mystery, but I think his role will be a crucial one in the 3rd book.
The way the two different worlds are described continued to amaze me. The outside it is raw, gritty, almost wasteland type of place with Aether storms that cause problems and distructions. Reverie, and the other pods, are very sterile and people spend most of their times in the Realms, which are like virtual worlds where no one can be hurt. But now also the Realms and the pods seem to have problems, and the safe environment that the people living there are used to might not be so safe any more. 
So, the 3rd book will be published at the beginning of 2014. I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT! I DO NOT! Through the Ever Night, like Under the Never Sky before it is a thrill ride of adventure, emotions and so many feels. You should definitely give this series a try if you have not done so before.