Losing It  - Cora Carmack

Okay, my expectations for this book were extremely low. Just look at the cover - the guy is just chilling and it looks like he is approvingly looking at his own crotch or the boobs of the girl under him. And the girl, of course, is in complete ecstasy because the guy is a total hunk and a sex-machine. I really though this would be one of those novels were the characters meet and after a short conversation they go and have sex. And then they fight and have some more sex. The premise for the novel kind of sounds like that. So when I realized that the story was not what I expected it to be, I was POSITIVELY surprised.


Bliss is 22, almost done with college and still a virgin. She thinks it is a big deal (and I guess it somewhat is in the modern world) and she wants to get rid of her virginity before she graduates and enters the "real world". When her friend takes her out to meet up with guys, she meets Garrick. He is sitting in the bar, reading Shakespeare. And then he starts to talk and he has a British accent. I WAS SOLD. He was described to have blond hair, a bit of scruff and that accent.... It is no surprise that this is the first man that came to my mind, especially because of the Shakespeare thing. 



Bliss and Gerrick end up going to Bliss's place and things star to get hot. But then Bliss completely freaks out and comes up with an excuse to stop the whole thing - there is no way that she will tell Gerrick that she is still a virgin. (It is seriously hard to write this review with that gif staring at me). Bliss expected never to meet Gerrick again, but she is up for a surprise when she goes to her college class the next morning... Gerrick there. AND HE IS HER NEW TEACHER.


I loved the whole drama/theatre student aspect of the novel. I am a theatre student myself so I guess I was somewhat able to identify with Bliss and the other characters. I really liked Bliss though I never really understood how she is "awkward". I guess she is a bit of a control freak, but when I think about the word "awkward" I pretty much think of someone who does not really fit in and who, despite belonging to a group, stands out some way. I could describe Bliss even as a popular, and I guess the only awkwardness in her is the fact that she is virgin - but I don't think that is that awkward either. But all in all, I found her pretty likable and I enjoyed the moments between her and Gerrick. Also, I want to point out that Gerrick is NORMAL. I mean this in the sense that he is just a normal guy who likes a girl. He was not used as an ashtray when he was young. He has no mommy issues. He does not beat Bliss up. He does not have a room for weird sex games. 


There were some cliche moments in Losing It, but I feel like those are extremely hard to avoid these days because so many of this type of novels come out yearly. The cliches were not too dominant though and I feel like they just added some "cuteness" to the story. This is definitely one of those novels you want to read just to make yourself smile and drool over a hot guy. Since this is a new adult book, there is some sex involved, but it was not as explicit as I expected. And the sexual content was hot yes, but not weird or kinky or anything like that (when someone takes a whip out or something in these type of books I just lose my shit and start laughing and usually stop reading because I just find reading about those type of situations ridiculous). So no whips and stuff in this one. And the ending.... IT IS PERFECT!


I think I will read the second book Cora Carmack has written with the same set of characters at some point- it is about Bliss's best friend who used to have feelings for Bliss. So it is about Cade, who is introduced in this book, but there apparently are also some appearances by Bliss and Gerrick.


I recommend this to everyone over the age of 17-18 (I guess) who wants a quick, cute read with some hot stuff added to the mix. I still can't get over the fact that this is Gerrick in my mind at the moment: