Ransom My Heart

Ransom My Heart - Meg Cabot Finnula Crais is the youngest of the Crais family. Around the village she is known as a beautiful Finnula, but she does not feel herself to be beautiful. She is a girl who loves riding, shooting, hunting and sometimes even drinking with the guys of the village. When she hears that her dearest sister Mellina has problems she promises to do something to help her. They decide that Finnula has to kidnap a rich man so they can get money from the people who want to get him free.Sir Hugh Fitzstephen is returning back to England. He left England, his home, 1o years ago. How, he is the new owner of the Fitzstephen house, the earl of the village.Sir Hugh and Finnula bump into each other at the forest where Finnula kidnaps Sir Hugh. Finnula has seen sir Hugh handling big amounts of money at a local bar and she knows that he is a great catch. What she does not know is the fact that Hugh is really the earl of the village Finnula lives at. When they spend time together they both start to feel something they've never felt before; strong passion toward another person.I love the Princess Diaries and I am sad to say that I did not enjoy this book that much. It had some very juicy and sexual bits and the Finnish translation of the book was hilarious but someway I just felt that especially the latter part of the book was really boring, I was just hoping to get to the conclusion of the story. not a bad read at all but not a good one either.