The Sweet by and by

The Sweet By and By - Sara Evans, Rachel Hauck Jade has found the perfect man. Max loves Jade more that anything and they are planning their dream wedding. Everything seems to be well but there is a storm inside Jade-- she has a lot of things to go through before she can be completely happy and marry Max. Also Max has his own secrets which he has to reveal before they can be happy and live without secrets.I really liked this book. The characters are realistic (in some books the perfection of the characters makes me mad). Jade feels like a type of person I would love to have as my friend. She is interested about vintage and she has her own store. She is funny, loving, caring and independent. She has had some major problems with her family, especially with her mother, and she believes that she will never be able to solve those problems.You could call this book 'Christian fiction'. I would not categorize it there because Jesus, God and religion are quite lightly portrayed in this book. So even though you're not religious (I'm not) you totally can read this book without thinking it to be too religious.The Sweet by and by is a lovely story about past and future. It is a story about old and new love. It is a story about mother and a daughter who have lifted apart. It is a story about a woman who must go back to his past to get on with her life.