Mr. Knightley's Diary

Mr. Knightley's Diary - Amanda Grange This is the 3rd book I read from the Amanda Grange JA hero diaries. I really liked this one as well as I liked the previous two books; Mr Darcy's diary and Edmund Bertram's Diary. After seeing the new BBC adaptation of Emma I fell in love with Knightley once again. Since I will have to read Emma later on this year I decided to get some more Knightley to my life by reading this Diary.Knightley is as charming as ever. It is interesting to read this and notice that Knightley is in love with Emma even though he does not notice it himself. Eventually he understands that Emma is the only right woman for him but there is a problem on his way. Knightley believes that Emma is in love with Frank Churchill and thinks that his changes are gone. Luckily everything goes well and in the end Emma and Knightley get each other.Edmund Bertram's diary still remains as my favorite book by Amanda Grange. I have Captain Wentworth's diary in my bookshelf, hopefully I will find the time to read it soon.