The Fool's Girl

The Fool's Girl - Celia Rees One of my favorite free-time activities is to surf on the database of my city's library. From there you can see all the different books they have on the different libraries of this city. The Fool's Girl was among the new books which had arrived to the library. What I love is the fact that you are able to pick the book online and then you can fetch it from the library you want. My mother works at one of the city libraries so it is easy for me to send the books to her workplace and she then brings the books home for me. I think I tried to read 'Witch Girl' by Celia Rees in Finnish years ago. I never finished with it, if I remember right. The city library does not have that many YA books in English, so nowadays I am open for almost everything. And the cover of 'the Fool's Girl' looked so beautiful I just had to give a change for it. When I got it from the library I noticed that it had something to do with William Shakespeare. At that point my interest towards the book rouse hugely.Violetta, a beautiful young girl, has traveled far away from her home from Illyria to London with a clown called Feste, her only friend at that point. They are in London with a great task. Violette wants to get back an object which belongs to her, the Duchess of Illyria, and to her country. Without that object she is not able to save her country from the hands of her enemies. She seeks out help from William Shakespeare, a playwright and actor, working at London. Violetta tells her story for Will. Will feels bad for the young girl lost in a weird place for her, and decides to help her. With Will, Feste and new friends Violetta starts and adventure with a goal to earn the object back to the rightful owner. The adventure spreads from London to Stratford and all the way to Illyria. During her journey Violetta meets friends from the past, falls in love and fights for the future of her country.I visited both Stratford-Upon-Avon and London about a month ago. At Stratford I saw 'Romeo&Juliet' performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company and at London I saw 'Macbeth' at Globe. In this book the milieu streched from London to Stratford and the characters of the book even visit Oxford, the third city I stayed at while I was in UK. It was interesting to read how Rees defines there cities during the 1600. The beginning of the book was quite boring and I even though about giving up with the reading. But after the boring start the book gets a lot more interesting. New characters are introduced and the story starts to built up. The presence of William Shakespeare was one of the main reasons why I kept reading this book. Like Rees says in the author's note at the end of the book, this novel introduces William Shakespeare as Will, the playwright before his success. It was interesting to read Rees's portrayal of this great man who had an impact on the whole English language. I suggest this book for the fans of William Shakespeare, but also for the ones who do not know anything about Shakespeare before hand. This book tells the story of Shakespeare's 'Twelth Night' in a other way, so for the lovers of Twelth Night, this is a great read. I myself haven't read 'Twelth Night' but after reading this book I think I will pick it up at some point and read it.