I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend

I was Jane Austen's Best Friend - Cora Harrison, Susan Hellard The reader is introduced to Jane Austen's cousin Jenny Cooper who is a little older than Jane. The book begins with the girls going into a boarding school in which Jane has got ill. In order to get Jane out of the school to home to get better Jenny has to leave the school during the night and wonder in nightly South Hampton where she meets Captain Thomas Williams which who she falls in love right at the first moment even though she does not know it then.Jane and Jenny are taken away from the horrible boarding school to Steventon parsonage, to the home of Jane Austen. There Jenny gets to meet Jane's siblings, from which at least Henry gets a lot of attention from Jenny and Jenny gets it back from Henry. But with Captain Thomas Williams in her thoughts she cannot concentrate on any other men. And all the time she also has to worry about the fact that Captain Williams is the one who can destroy her reputation by telling what happened at South Hampton. Will Jenny get her Captain Williams or will she be ruined? Find out by reading this wonderful YA novel by Cora Harrison.From the moment I heard about this book I was interested about it. Since I love Jane Austen and Young Adult fiction I knew this would be the perfect mixture for me. Some parts of the book are fiction, some true. Jenny Cooper really was a cousin of Jane Austen. Her name was really Jane but the author changed it to Jenny in order to make a distiction between Jane and Jenny. There are not much reported information about Jenny, so the author has really got free access to make up a character. It is know that she fell in love with Captain Thomas Williams and eventually they married. I really liked this book since the reader really gets to know what Jenny thinks about situations of her life since the book is written in a diary format. There are some nice illustrations in the book made by Susan Hellard which really add a nice mix to the story. The lively characters, especially Jane Austen, made me laugh. This book makes you just want to fall in love for the first time again.