The Carrie Diaries - Candace Bushnell You can imagine how happy I was when I noticed this book on the bookshelf at Waterstone's last Thursday. Finding this book totally made that Thursday one of the best days ever. First Macbeth at Globe and then finding this from Waterstone's. I couldn't wait to get back to the hostel to spend rest of the night with this book. I was rushing my friends to get out of our room for a while so I can start reading.Since I heard about this book last year I had waited to read it. And I must say that I really enjoyed it. Carrie is my favorite character in Sex and The City after Samantha and it was great to read about her as a teenage. The best thing is that the book is written my the same author than the original Sex and The City so I really got this image that Bushnell has thought all of these things already when creating Carrie for the first time.Carrie Bradshaw is a senior at High School. She has lost her mother and lives with her father and two younger sisters. She dreams about a career as writer. She has been writing since she was a little kid, but still she feels really insecure about her writing. Her father, a scientist, has always hoped that Carrie would also become a scientist, but Carrie knows that it is something she really does not want to do.High school. Everyone knows what problems it brings up. Guys. Mean girls. Laying and cheating. Broken hearts. New beginnings. Revenge. Finding out who your real friends are. During her serior year Carrie has to experience a lot. She falls in love and gets disappointed. She loses her best friend. She learns something about her old friends. She gets new changes. Eventually she gets to New York City, the place she has been dreaming about.This book was funny, witty and really entertaining. Just like Carrie Bradshaw. It got better and better towards the end. I especially loved the conclusion of the book. At least Goodreads description says that there will be a second Carrie Diaries book. If that is true, I cannot wait for it since the end of this book really suggests that something great is going to happen in the second book at least one of Carrie's friends we all know so well would be introduced to us.