An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield Novels (Unnumbered))

An Honest Love (Hearts of Middlefield Novels (Unnumbered)) - Kathleen Fuller This book was something really different I've read before. I got the book through BookSneeze which mostly offers religious books for review. As I have mentioned before, I myself am not religious but since I am new for open experiences, I wanted to give this book a change.This is a second book for Fuller's series called Hearts of Middlefield. I haven't read the first book so it is hard to compare this one to it. An Honest Love tells a story of two couples and how their friendships grow into something more. Elizabeth is at the age where she should get more serious and think about family and finding a husband. She spends a lot of time with Aaron who feels like he is not good enough for a amish woman. Anna is new to the area and trying to survive from her heart ache which was left from the last relationship. She is not open to new men until she meets Lukas. Slowly Anna starts to warm up for Lukas but is not ready to tell him all her secrets. Will Anna's secrets destroy their relationship or will it survive and come back to what it was at the beginning?