Secrets of My Hollywood Life: On Location

On Location - Jen Calonita It seems like Kaitlin Burke's all dreams have come true. She is having the best summer of her life; she has just signed in to her favorite director's Hutch Adams' blockbuster movie, she is loved by the media again after her two months disguise in a ordinary High School and she has the most gorgeous boyfriend ever, Austin Meyers. But like always, when the things are going well something bad starts to happen.Drew, Kaitlin's slimy ex and her co-star for the Hutch movie is all over Kaitlin even though he was the one who dumbed her. When Carol, a new publicist tells that part of Kaitlin's movie contract is to be seen with Drew all over Hollywood things get diffifult. Kaitlin hates Drew. And when the filming to the movie starts Kaitlin gets to know that her rival, her co-star from the Family Affairs, Sky Mackenzie has also been booked to the new Hutch movie. Even Hutch is something different Kaitlin always thought.Austin remains to be a wonderful boyfriend, but difficulties with him start when Kaitlin cannot be honest about things concerning Drew. Is Kaitlin ready to tell everything about her past to Austin? Why cannot Kaitlin be honest? Does she fear that her heart will be broken again?This book is a sequel to Secrets of my Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita. There is also a 3rd and 4th book in the series and I am really looking forward to read them. If you like the Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot I guarantee you will love the Secrets of my Hollywood Life.