The Reader

The Reader - Bernhard Schlink, Carol Brown Janeway Michael is a young student. One day he gets sick on his way to home and he gets help from Hanna, this thirtysomething lady. When Michael goes to thank Hanna for her help he feels something toward her. Later on they start to see each other and they start to have sex together. After sex Michael reads books to Hanna. Hanna listens to him and wants him to keep reading to her. Michael falls in love with Hanna, but the age difference causes complications to their relationship. Suddenly Hanna just leaves without saying anything.Years after Hanna left Michael is a law student. He gets into this group who will parcipate on court when they are going through a case in which Hanna is involved. Michael never talks to Hanna, but during the court sessions Michael understand why Hanna wanted Michael to read to her. Hanna is found guilty and she goes to jail.After years, when Hanna is spending her last days on the jail, the lady from the jail calls to Michael and asks could he make sure that Hanna has a place to live and work when she gets out of jail. Michael goes to visit Hanna only a days before she is supposed to get out. Michael finds very old looking Hanna from the prison, but he understands that she is very happy to see him. Michael promises that he will make sure that everything goes well when Hanna gets out. Hanna never gets out of that jail, she ends her life before that.When I picked this book up from the library shelf I really believed this would be one of those books I will not like. I was really suprised when the book turned to be out really good. I like the characters, especially Michael. The thing that he is connected to Hanna for almost his whole life was really interesting. I was really suprised about Hanna's past, I was kinda shocked about it first.