Summer of Secrets (Jane Austen in 21st Century)

Summer of Secrets - Rosie Rushton Caitlin Morland is a teenager. She has just got into a new school and she has a couple of new friends, Summer Tilney and Isabella Thorpe. Isabella is a child of British politician, Summer is a daughter of famous marmalade maker.Isabella says there is something very weird in Summer because she never goes to parties etc, but Caitlin thinks that she is a great friend who just has a secret. When Summer invites Caitlin to her family's wine yard Caitlin does not know what is is getting into. Caitlin meets Summer's brother Ludo, who is gorgeous and Caitlin totally falls for him. Ludo is really nice to Caitlin but he seems not to be interested. Isabella and Caitlin's brother James and especially Ludo's and Summer's brother Freddie are causing problems to Caitlin and she cannot spend all the time she would like to by just wathing Ludo and trying to make him fall in love with her.Towards the end things of course get well and Ludo and Caitlin get together.This book is a story of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey on 21st century. This book was really fast to read and I must say that I really enjoyed it. It is probably meant for a little younger readers, but I think it was okay for me too. :) I have two other books from Rosie Rushton on my shelf, I will be reading them when I just get some time.