If You Could See Me Now

If You Could See Me Now - Cecelia Ahern I liked the whole fairytale concept of this book. This book was really different than I expected it to be but I really enjoyed it and I will definitely look for other books by Cecelia Ahern.The main characters of this book are Elizabeth and Ivan and the story is told by them both. Elizabeth is successful business woman, she has her own interior desing type of firm. Elizabeth has had a difficult childhood. Her mother never stayed at home for a long time and her father was unhappy by the fact that his wife was never at home. When Elizabeth was about 12 years old her mother got another baby, a girl named Saorse. When Saorse was only about 1 month old Elizabeth's mother left and never came back. When Elizabeth's father, Brandon, was not able to take care of the baby Elizabeth was the one who had to take all the responsibilty. When Elizabeth was old enough she left home, went to University and started to travel around the world. She lived in New York and she had relationship at there. When her sister, Saorse, was 16 she got pregnant and when she was not able to take care of the baby (Saorse turned out like her mother, she was not able to stay at home and she used a lot of alcohol) Elizabeth had to adopt Saorse's son Luke.When the story of the book starts Luke is 6 years old. Suddenly Luke starts to see this guy called Ivan and Elizabeth starts to fear that Luke is going to turn out exactly like his mother. Elizabeth is worried about Luke's imagenery friend but when she reads from Internet that it is totally normal she does not worry about it anymore. Elizabeth starts to hear voices in her home and one day she meets Ivan who she thinks is Luke's friend's father. Elizabeth does not know that this Ivan is the same Ivan Luke sees and that herself and Luke are the only ones who can see him.Ivan is invisible for most of the people. He is normally visible to children. He works as a best friend. He becomes visible to someone who needs a friend. When he understands that Elizabeth, an adult, can see him he is suprised but at the same time happy, because he notices that he feels something towards Elizabeth. By the time he understands that he is there for Elizabeth, not for Luke.Ivan and Elizabeth become friends and Ivan makes Elizabeth talk about things she has never talked about before. Ivan changes Elizabeth a lot. He makes her happy and relaxed and her relationship with Luke becomes easier because Ivan makes Elizabeth understand what a child in the age of Luke needs. Elizabeth and Ivan fell in love. Ivan understands that their relationship would be impossible, because Ivan does not get old and anyone else but Elizabeth does not see him. The ending of the book is happy, but not the type of happy I wanted it to be. The ending of this book was only minor dissapointment for me.