Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance-now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! (Quirk Classics)

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith For a long time Jane Austen has been my ultimate favorite author and Pride and Prejudice has been my favorite book. Pride and Prejudice is a book I almost always carry with me. It is a book I read when I am sad or desperate. It is a book I read when I am so happy that I feel like it is not even true how happy I am. Pride and Prejudice is the book I always recommend to my friends. It is the book I can read over and over again without getting tired of it. So you probably can imagine my thoughts when I heard that there is going to be a version of Pride and Prejudice with "scenes of bone-crunching zombie mayhem." I thought that this is not even true anymore, but at the same time, I was interested about this book. So when I found this book from the local bookstore I did not have second thoughts. I bought it just to see what Seth Grahame-Smith has done to my dearest book.In the end of the book there are discussion questions and I thought that the best way to do the review is to use them, because I hope that everyone knows the story in Pride and Prejudice. So basicly this book is just the same story with some extras; Bennet sisters are very talented Zombie killers and they have been trained in China. Mr Bennet has been a very talented Zombie killer when he was younger but now he just wants to teach her girls to be good killers. Mr Darcy is also known for being a very talented Zombie Slayer.The first discussion question is about Elizabeth's personality. The biggest thing I did not like in this book was Elizabeth's personality. Sometimes she was a total savage, killing ninjas and then eating their hearts etc. On one point she wanted to kill Mr Darcy and take his head as a reward. That is not the witty but still friendly and sweet Elizabeth I know from Pride and Prejudice. There was another side of Elizabeth's personality, the side of tenderness and love especially towards Jane and Charlotte (Charlotte becomes a Zombie). In the beginning of the book I can say that Elizabeth was only the killer. She wanted to fight and kill more zombies. She did not know what love is. When Mr Darcy becomes into picture and Elizabeth starts to fell in love with him she starts to get more human-like. Towards the end of the book she starts to be the Elizabeth we all know from Pride and Prejudice.One thing I really disliked about this book was Mr Collins's description and the way of writing about him. The second discussion question says: Is Mr Collins merely too fat and stupid to notice his wife's gradual transformation into a zombie, or could there be another explanation for this failure to acknowledge the problem? How being fat is related to being stupid? That is something I don't understand. Many fat people are very smart. I think the reason why Mr Collins did not notice Charlotte's transformation was that he was too in love with Charlotte and he just noticed the good things about her or that he spend more time with Lady Catherine that with his wife. I think considering the fact that we are talking about Mr Collins, the second option is probably the right one. But when Charlotte dies Mr Collins makes a decision people only make when they are really miserable and do not know what to do. So maybe Collins really loved Charlotte.The strange plague which transformers people into Zombies has been in England for 55 years, but still the Englishman remain in England fighting. Even though the people in England would have had a change to retreat to the safety of other countries they remained at England. I think the author wanted to show that at that time English people were really proud of their country and they wanted to serve their king by serving the country. I think that the last thing they would have done would have been to leave their home country and leave it for Zombies.In the end Mr Wickham and Lydia both face a sorry fate. Mr Wickham is left paralyzed into a seminary for the lame and Lydia is removed from her family, married to a invalid and childless, forever changing Mr Wickham's diapers. The book asks that who receives the sorrier fate. In my opinion, it is Lydia. Lydia really thought that Wickham loves her, so she eloped with him. Mr Wickham married Lydia only for Mr Darcy's money so it was right for him to get something bad into his life, because he had treated other people badly.When I started this book I wanted it to be funny and scary. It wasn't either. In the end, it was just a ruined version of my favorite book. There were some things I liked about it for example the illustrations but in the end there were way more things I disliked. This is one of those books I just read because it is related to Jane Austen and I can say that I am pretty dissapointed. I probably never read this book again and I think I will pass the Sea Monster book.