Lydia Bennet's Story: A sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Lydia Bennet's Story: A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - Jane Odiwe I've never liked Lydia. I think she is really annoying, stupid and reckless character. Reading this book by Jane Odiwe opened my eyes and I started to like Lydia a little more.The book is divided into two parts; part 1 telling about the happenings in Meryton and Brigton and part 2 telling about what happened after the end of Pride and Prejudice.In the part 1 reader gets to know how Lydia fell in love with Mr Wickham and how their relationship developed. In the part 1 Lydia is that silly young girl who just wants to get married before her sisters does. She runs away with Wickham and even though Mr Darcy and the Gardiners try to stop her she gets married with Wickham because she honestly believes that Wickham loves her.In part 2 Lydia gets to know that Wickham is having relationships outside the marriage and she gets really upset. While reading the part 2 I really started to feel bad for Lydia. She grows as a person and realizes that Wickham does not really love her and understands that he was forced to marry her. Jane and Bingley have a ball at Netherfield when Wickham comes there looking like a begger. A great scandal from Wickham's past is revealed and Lydia notices that Wickham is totally different man that she fell in love with. Luckily, a brother of Lydia's friend helps her to recover and to fall in love again...I really enjoyed this book. Almost every chapter includes a diary entry from Lydia. I liked the part 2 better because it includes new characters and because in part 2 Lydia grows as a person and she is not that annoying anymore. I was really happy that she also got her happy ending!