The Man of My Dreams

The Man of My Dreams - Curtis Sittenfeld The story begins from 1991. Hannah Gavener is fourteen years old. She reads celebrity magazines filled with happy, beautiful celebrity couples getting married while her parents' marriage is crumbling. Between these extremities Hannah tries to find the answer for the universal question; what defines a perfect marriage? What does she want from the man of her dreams? Over the next decade and half she moves around the United States and still she has no found the answer to her question. Who is to blame? Can she blame her parents from the messed up childhood she had, or does she have to take the blame to herself. Is the act to trying to find your soulmate childish, is settling up with someone who is great, but not your soulmate, the adult thing to do? Hannah's life is filled with complicated relationships. Her father is as stubborn as she is, her cousin Fig is gorgeous and fun, but her misbehavious has always affected Hannah's life as well, Henry, Figs college boyfriend, who catches Hannah's attention, and all the boyfriends Hannah has, who love her, adore her, or break her heart. At her late twenties, after all the disappointments in her love life, Hannah learns what she wants. Bu does she have the courage to go after it? This was such as good book. It is filled with great characters who by their personalities and actions build up the story. The plot moves nicely and smootly. The Man of my Dreams is filled with honesty and humor and it tells how our personal choices and acts in life affect ourselves and others. Can Hannah find what she wants, or is she ready to settle down to something lesser?I really loved PREP by Curtis Sittenfeld and I must say that I enjoyed this one almost as much as I enjoyed PREP. This is a nice, pretty light read I recommend to everyone. So if you see this somewhere, you should check it out!