All That Mullarkey

All That Mullarkey - Sue Moorcroft Cleo and Gav. Gav and Cleo. In the eyes of their friends, they are the perfect couple with a perfect marriage. And that is what they both also believed. When Cleo finds the writing from their bedroom wall, everything changes. "This marriage is over". The writing on the wall drives hurt Cleo into a one night stand with Justin. Will Justin remain as a one night stand, or will he become something more?Justin, good looking and charming. He meets up with Cleo at the local night club. A night of chatting and dancing turns up into a night at him bedroom. Right after the action he notices that they forgot something important. Protection. Gav. He has a secret of his own he tries to hide from his wife. Cleo, the love of his life. At least he believes so. The worries he hides from his wife changes him. After confessing his secret for Cleo, he hears that the wife he thought was so perfect, has a secret of her own, a secret which changes their life. Can their marriage survive what has happened? Will they get a second chance?Hearts are broken, secrets are revealed, and lifes change. With will Cleo do when she has to face the consequences of the one night stand? How far is Gav ready to go in order to get her wife back? And will Justin turn out to be something more than just a one night stand? I read 'Starting Over' by Sue Moorcroft a while ago and enjoyed it a lot. This book did not turn out to be a disappointment either. All the way from the beginning I started to like Cleo. She is independent and she does not hesitate to say what she thinks. He is compassionate and caring and calm, but she also has a wild side. Justin, a bit of a bad boy, has a one night stand with her, which eventually turns out to something more complex. All and all, All That Mullarkey was a enjoyable, fast read. Moorcroft's characters are interesting, and the plot keeps moving smoothly. After reading 'All That Mullarkey' and 'Starting Over', I must say that Sue Moorcroft has definitely become one of my favorite authors. Her writing style is very engaging, you just have to keep goin