The Possibilities of Sainthood

The Possibilities of Sainthood - Donna Freitas Antonia is a bit obsessed about saints. She knows a lot about them, and she always as a saint in mind for different situations in life. Since she was little, she has idolized those creatures of the catholic royalty, and she has decided that she wants to be one as well; the first living saint of the Catholic Church. Antonia lives at Rhode Island with her mother and grandmother. Since her father death, her mother has been wearing all black and she has refused to date other men. Antonia's grandmother is a funny little lady who remembers thing well from the past and not so well from the present. Antonia's mother is famous for her pasta which is sold on the market they own. The market, which happens to be at the same building with their apartment, gives both joy and headache for Antonia. Antonio is working at the market daily. When she hears that the guy she has been in love with for years, Andy Rotellini, is going to work at the market, she thinks that her life is going to change. She is already dreaming about her first kiss with Andy; she wants it to be the most romantic moment of her life. But is Andy what she really thinks he is? And is there more than friendship between Antonia and Michael, a guy Antonia calls "her friend".I loved 'The Possibilities of Sainthood' by Donna Freitas. It introduces the reader to a different culture (American-Italians) and a different religion. I did not have that much of previous knowledge about the saints of the Catholic church, but I must say that this book taught me a lot. I've been wanting to travel to Italy for years now (this books takes place at US, but it vividly describes the Italian culture) and this book made me want to pack my bags and leave. The novel is also really funny. It is interesting to read Antonia narrating the different situations of her life. Also the way she describes the other characters, especially her mother, is hilarious. 'The Possibilities of Sainthood' by Donna Freitas is an interesting read about a catholic girl who dreams of becoming a living saint. After writing several letters to Vatican to enquiry different saint positions, she understands, that maybe she can be a saint without the approval of the Vatican city; she can be a saint in the eyes of people. I recommend 'The Possibilities of Sainthood' to the fans of young adult fiction. If you want to learn something about the Catholic religion, saints and Italian culture, this is a funny and adorable read for you.