L. A. Candy (L. A Candy Series #1)

L.A. Candy  - Lauren Conrad Jane Roberts is a girl next door type of sweet California girl. She has lived her whole life in comfort and she has been always taken care of. Her parents are caring and she has a close relationship to her sisters. She has been friends with Scarlett for years. Scarlett is stunningly beautiful, but also intelligent. She and Jane are like sisters, and they share everything together.When Jane gets an internship at the office of one of the most famous party planners of L.A and Scarlett decides to attend university there, they more together to the big city. Everything is new for them, and they try to browse the city to find cool places to hang around. At one night, they meet up with Braden, a hot aspiring actor. There is a definite chemistry between Jane and him.The life of the girls change when they meet Trevor, a Hollywood producer, who asks them to star in a new reality show. After auditions, Jane and Scarlett cannot believe that they are picked to the role, to be tv-stars. The camera's are following them to their job and school, and also film them at clubs, the city and even their home. They are introduced to Madison, a socialite who enjoys spending money and wants to be the number one star of the show, and Gaby, a sweet girl who gets mocked for being the 'stupid' one, who are also starring at the show. But is being a tv star as wonderful as they though it to be?Jane is struggling with guys. She has a definite crush on Braden, but after a party at Braden's house, she realizes that she might have some feelings for Braden's best friend Jesse. Jesse is notorious for his short relationship with models etc. Is Jesse really a changed man, or is Jane's friends right about him. Can Jane trust Jesse? And a more important question is, can Jane trust her friends? Honestly, I really did not have really high expectations towards this novel. I had wanted to read it for a such a long time, and finally I got a change to do so. What comes to the expectations, I think that the fact that Lauren Conrad is a reality star, affected them a little. Last year, I read the book written by Nicole Richie; it was one of the crappiest books I've read. But this one was a bit surprise for me. I think that the characters were built up well, and the plot moves smoothly. I really liked how different the characters are, but they still have a connection.Lauren Conrad is famous for starring at the MTV reality show 'The Hills'. I used to watch it when I lived at States, and it has also been shown at the Finnish TV. I am not familiar with all the things that has happened, but I know that Lauren Conrad and Triple D Heidi Montag used to be BFF's. Then that scumbag Spencer Pratt somehow made Heidi to fall in love with him, and they spread a sex tape of Lauren Conrad to the media. (Or something like that, correct me if I am right). So they are not friends anymore. I kept waiting for a same type of story line from this novel, and in a way, it was there, but with a twist. Since the novel is a work of fiction, Conrad probably did not want to include everything as it really went. I have always liked Lauren Conrad. And I really admire her for the fact that she herself wanted to get out of the show. I know that lunatics like Spencer and Heidi would be happy to do the Hills to the moment they die. But as you know, nothing lasts forever. And I think that Lauren Conrad understood that. I know that after the Hills she has been working on fashion industry and she has also got the time to write two sequels to L.A. Candy. She is amazingly beautiful woman and I love her style. And I am surprised to say, that I really like her writing as well. To the fans of the Hills, this is a must read. But I also think that this is nice novel oor fans of Young Adult fiction. It is a story about growth, friendship, love and trust. I can't wait to read the second novel in the series and I just noticed from goodreads that the third one will be published later this year.