Austenland - Shannon Hale My thoughs after reading the first pages of this novel: "DOES THIS SCARELY SOUNDS LIKE MY LIFE?!?!?!?!??!?!" I showed those pages to my friends as well and the thing was quite evident "Milka, this girl in this book is like you". So I must say that all the way from the beginning, I loved this novel. Jane lives in New York City. She has been in several relationships but no of them has been something she has looking for since her teenage ages; love like Darcy and Elizabeth's from Pride and Prejudice. Her obsession to Mr. Darcy makes her embarrassed; she hides her BBC Pride and Prejudice adaptation with Colin Firth to different places in her apartment and tries to deny her obsession. But without success. When Jane's wealthy relative dies she testaments a holiday in England for Jane. Jane takes the holiday as a change to end her obsession. She promises herself that after the holiday she will forget her obsession and start to live her life without looking back to Pride and Prejudice. When Jane, who has always dreamed about life in Regency England, is whisked into it in this weird English resort she realizes that maybe the life and men of Jane Austen aren't exactly like they are put on the pages of the novels. Is the face Regency house with actors playing different Regency people something that will end Jane's obsession for good? Or will it be something which introduces her to her own Mr. Darcy? What Jane experiences in this novel is something I want to experience as well. I am still young, but I feel that already my obsession to Mr. Darcy and other Austen men take me apart from many guys my age and bit older. And I have noticed that what I look for in guys is the same elements Darcy, Edmund Bertram and e.g. Mr. Knigtley have. Many times I have heard from my friends that "you have been born a couple hundred years too late". Reading this novel made me want to read and watch everything Austen-y once again, for like the 100th time. By reading this book I was able to say, once again, that there is nothing better than Jane Austen. She is simply amazing. I recommend this one to EVERYONE. To the ones who already love Jane Austen. To those unfortunate ones who have not yet been introduced to Jane Austen but who are ready to fall in love. This novel had everything I was looking for; Austen, humor, love, romance, happy ending... Shannon Hale is currently writing some type of sequel/prequel/attachment to this book. I am very curious to see what Hale will do in that novel and how she will continue to delight the lovers of Jane Austen including me.