College Girls (Sweet Valley University(R))

College Girls - Francine Pascal, Laurie John When I was younger I religiously read "Sweet Valley High" novels. I remember going to the library and borrowing 10 of them for a weekend to read. At that time I did not understand to put books and Internet together, so I never heard about "Sweet Valley University" series. Other reason for that might be that they have not been translated to Finnish.In the first book of Sweet Valley University series the familiar character from SVH are again introduced to us. Wakefield twins, Jessica and Elizabeth are on their way to SVU to begin their first year of university. Elizabeth's boyfriend Todd is also going to attend the same university along with Elizabeth's best friend Enid and Winston. When they get to SVU Elizabeth notices that things have changed a lot from the high school years. Enid has changed her name to Alexandra and she has decided she won't be a sidekick for Elizabeth like she was in high school. Todd is busy with university athletics and Elizabeth feels that he is pushing her to a stage in their relationship she is not yet ready to take. Jessica is running around the campus looking for guys and Winston has joined a group of guys from a sorority. Elizabeth notices that she is really alone, and she feels like she is actually the only one who is studying and not partying 24/7. I think finding about these series came at the right time for me. I am going to attend university next fall, so it was interesting to read something which fits into a university environment. I was able to identify with Elizabeth because I feel like I will be like her in university; I am not much of a party girl, so I won't spend that much time partying etc. as I know that some students will. I really liked this book, and it sucks I was not able to find the second book from anywhere (well, from Amazon, but the shipping to Finland costs so much). My friend had the third book, so maybe I just go straight into that.Actually, you can help me. Do you know any books which are set into university? I was trying to think of some, but I did not get any into my mind.