The Hours

The Hours - Michael Cunningham I bought this book a couple of years ago when I found it from this sale basket from the local bookstore. I had heard about the movie made from this novel, but I had not seen it. When I had some time to read something other than school books (NOW I ONLY HAVE TIME FOR OTHER BOOKS, FINALLY) I picked this from the bookshelf and after the first pages I was totally hooked. The novel is so interestingly constructed and the way the stories of these three women intertwine is just excellent. The novel introduces the reader to three women; Virginia Woolf in 1923 in London, Laura Brown in 1949 in Los Angeles and Clarissa Vaughan in present time in New York City. In London, Virginia Woolf wakes up from a dream and gets an inspiration to Mrs Dalloway. In Los Angeles Laura Brown is reading Mrs Dalloway. She is pregnant and she tries to be the "domestic goddess" that can prepare a beautiful cake for her husband's birthday. Laura cannot stop reading Woolf, and that eventually has dramatic results. Clarissa lives in Greenwich Village with her female lover. She is planning a party for her old love, a poet called Richard who is sick with AIDS. I don't want to explain the plot with more detail because I think that would ruin the reading experience. At least I was surprised about the deep linkage between these women when I finally figured it out at the end of the novel.What I really liked about 'The Hours' was how Cunningham has been able to intertwine the stories together. Even though there is gap of many years between these women, the way the stories are put together is so masterful that it makes a lover of good literature grin with pleasure. Now when I look back, I regret not taking this book before from my bookshelf, but on the other hand, it provided A GREAT passage way for me away from school work for a short while.I watched the movie afterwards and I feel that it really was able to catch the feelings and emotions from the novel. I recommend this book to everyone who loves literature, this one is really worth reading!I even ordered Mrs Dalloway so I can read it at some point... :D