Mere Anarchy

Mere Anarchy - Woody Allen For a long time, Woody Allen has been one of my favorite movie directors. His movies, which many times show the absurdism of the life of normal people, have fascinated me and they are one reason why I have decided to seek an education in film. Browsing the database of the local library I found this collection stories by Woody Allen and decided to give it a try. And I am so happy I did so, because these stories fascinated me so much with their absurdism. Allen truly is a creative genius who can make you laugh and continue to read/watch in awe.Mere Anarchy introduces the reader to wide span of different characters from different ages and phases of life. Characters such as E.Coli Bigg, Pontius Perry and Flanders Mealworm enchant the reader and bring out the creativity of Allen. Mere Anarchy includes the following stories: -To Err is Human- To Float, Divine-Tandoori Ransom-Sam, you made the pants too fragrant-This nib for hire-Calisthenics, poison ivy, final cut-Dearest Nanny-How deadly your taste buds, my sweet-Glory hallelujah, sold!-Caution, falling moguls-The Rejection-Sing, you sacher tortes-On a bad day you can see forever-Attention geniuses: cash only-Strung out-Above the law, below the box springs-Thus ate Zarathustra-Suprise rocks Disney trial-Pinchuck's LawAs you can see already from the names of the stories, the stories you find from this book are very unique. They are absurd, hilarious and so unreal that they eventually become real to the reader. They are so out of this world, but at the same time they discuss things that we all have thought about at some point. The way Allen has constructed these stories make you grave for more (I read this book in just a couple of hours and now I want more!). Already the first sentence of the story collection vacuums the reader into the stories; "Gasping for air, my life passing before my eyes in a series of wistful vignettes, I found myself suffocating some months ago under the tsunami on junk mail that cascades through the slot in my door each morning after kippers". Allen's language is so vivid and descriptive that at the beginning it might seem hard to read, but you soon get used to it and you start to want more of those complex sentence structures and wordplays. Sentences such as "All I knew was that I wanted to wrap my weak-gauge bosons around her gluons, slip through a wormhole, and do some quantum tunneling" (Strung Out) made me gasp in awe; Allen is not only a movie genius but with these stories he proves that he is a literary genius as well.It is hard to recommend this book only to a certain group of people since I want to recommend it to everyone! Of course, if you like Allen's movies, you will probably want to check this out, because you can see some elements from Allen's movies from this collection of stories. This story collection put a smile to my face and made me want to read other stuff by Allen.